Tuesday, December 12, 2017



Congress should enact legislation that would require that all passenger aircraft be equipped with a secondary barrier as a necessary layer of security.


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The United States must ensure that Open Skies agreements give U.S. airlines and their employees a fair opportunity to compete in the international marketplace.


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Norwegian Air International's flag-of-convenience model seeks to undercut U.S. airlines by obtaining an air operator certificate (AOC) in a country to which it doesn’t fly. NAI’s business plan would then take advantage of that country’s relaxed employment laws to employ outsourced foreign-domiciled workers at wage and benefit levels substantially lower than if it operated as a Norwegian airline headquartered in Norway.


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Learn Why the DOT Must Deny NAI

Shipment of lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries aboard aircraft is the most pressing hazmat safety issue that the aviation community needs to address.


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UP-PAC is dedicated to the continued development of our political awareness, and continual growth of political friends on Capitol Hill. The purpose of this Committee shall be to maximize the opportunity; for the United pilots; to achieve favorable governmental action regarding those interests, and on those issues, of special and unique importance to the United pilots through the administration of the United Pilots Political Action Committee (UP-PAC).


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